YPG/PKK terror group shuts two more schools in NE Syria

The YPG/PKK terrorist group has closed two more schools in Syria’s northeastern Al-Hasakah province on grounds that the targeted schools did not have a license.

In a statement, the YPG/PKK-linked education authority said Ber and Liva schools did not obtain a license to operate and that they were following a different curriculum.

Last week, the terrorist group shut down three Assyrian schools in part of northeastern Syria.

In recent years, the YPG/PKK has used schools in areas under its control to indoctrinate students with its militarist, ethno-centric ideologies.

During the upcoming academic year, the terror group reportedly hopes to expand the use of its curriculum to high school students.

This has prompted many parents in the region, who do not want their children to be brainwashed by terrorist propaganda, to send their children to private schools instead.

The YPG/PKK, however, has also reportedly threatened a number of private schools with closure.

The YPG is its Syrian branch of the PKK — recognized as a terror group by the U.S., EU, and Turkey.

In its more than 30-year terror campaign against Turkey, the PKK has claimed some 40,000 lives, including many women and children.

Source: AA