USA And FETO (Gülenist Terror Group) Relations…



In the war against Turkey and national will that is to say, since the ongoing process of Gezi Park protests in May 2013, we have witnessed 15 July coup attempt made by FETO/PDY. Media continually notes that USA supports FETO in the struggle scope with FETO/PDY, but no one could explain why USA protects Fethullah Gülen or FETO/PDY technically. In this analysis, we will handle USA and FETO relations technically.

Fethullah Gulen and his terror organization, trained and structured by the USA, use ”covert actions” in their undisclosed activities. Let’s clarify ”Covert Actions” term for a better understanding. ”Covert Actions” is a term first used and theorized by the USA In 1947, the first action of National Security Council (NSC), established as a top institution of the USA responsible for the security, is to use the power of covert actions by the decision no 1/1 in Italy elections. Covert actions have turned into institution officially by the decision no 1947 NSC 4 and decision no 1948 NSC 10/2. Decision no NSC 10/2 gives authorization to CIA to be involved in covert actions instead of psychological operations. And defined follows: “Covert actions are activities engaged by the government for the purpose of influencing enemy states or groups or supporting foreign countries or groups, but impossible to confirm the responsibility of the government at planning and operations phases. In case the activities are revealed, the government might deny the action in a comprehensible way and don’t bear any responsibility.”

Unlike the other disciplines of intelligence searching for information and trying to prevent it to be captured by the foreign states, covert actions try to influence the politic events directly. Covert actions are undisclosed activities of a state performed to fulfill the foreign policy objectives to change the behaviors a foreign state or its military, economic, politic or social events or situations.

Covertness is applied strictly in some cases, and the government shows a maximum effort for the details of the activities not to be discovered, even not to be known they exist. For example, it can be said that this rule is applied when providing information to opponent groups who have preliminary coup plans to the government. Supporting the newspapers, radio stations or TV channels financially in a secret way to support governmental policies in foreign states or to show the hostile attitude towards opponents can be an example for this case. Finally, critical information is leaked to the public, and the government does not accept that they are related to these matters officially concerning diplomatic reasons or any other reasons.

The definition of ”covert actions” term is enacted as follows: “Unlike conventional diplomatic, martial, counterintelligence and law enforcement methods, covert actions are governmental activity or activities which aim to influence politic, economic and martial conditions where the role of the government is not clarified.”

With this definition, covert actions differ from gathering intelligence and information production function. The main goal with covert actions is not to know but to help to fulfill the national foreign policies directly. This feature of the covert action resembles diplomacy, which is one of the open foreign policy tools of the governments, and military force use but on the other hand supporting allies and spies in secret ways and employ them resembles human intelligence which is one of the tools of the open policy. Covert actions are persuasion models used diplomatically, economically and militarily to influence the society and used to direct the events but the identities of the operating staff are unknown clearly.

Which covert actions the USA operating in Turkey and the world using Gulenist terror group FETO?

Let’s compare which ways are chosen while operating covert actions to a state and FETO’s operations:

First way followed while operating covert actions is advising and counseling:

FETO carries out its activities through the purpose trained militants in many countries. These militants serve as political advisors and counselors. These leaked militants provide intelligence to the group. Sex tape records in MHP (National Action Party) and CHP (Republican People’s Party) and designation activities in the small political parties are some examples.

Second way followed while operating covert actions is financial support to a person or persons:

FETO operates covert actions via charities and training supports.

Third way followed while operating covert actions is the financial and technical support to political parties:

FETO gives financial and technical support to political parties all around the world. Political events in the Central Asian countries are prominent examples.

Fourth way followed while operating covert actions is supporting private organizations including labor unions, businesses, and cooperations:

FETO supports private organizations all around the world, moreover, they establish syndicates and foundations. They planned internal conflicts in Turkey and operated them by these foundations, unions, and non-governmental organizations. Alawite, Kurdish, etc. based organizations can be considered as examples.

Fifth way followed while operating covert actions is covert propaganda:

FETO operates propaganda activities establishing their media organizations all around the world and with the correspondents, authors, and academicians leaked in Turkey.

Sixth way followed while operating covert actions is purpose trained militants:

FETO trained/trains its high ranking militants with using intelligence techniques. Crypto and political cell structure are among these training techniques. Once the militants are trained, they have been leaked into governmental establishments, and they carried out major operations in these establishments.

Seventh way followed while operating covert actions is economical operations:

One of the most powerful areas that FETO rules is the economy. FETO operates its economic intelligence and spying activities via the militants leaked into governmental establishments all around the world but particularly in Turkey. They tried/try to direct the economies of the countries.

Eighth way followed while operating covert actions is military or political operations to support or overthrow a regime:

FETO operated following activities: 7 February National Intelligence Agency (MIT) crisis, Gezi Park protests, 17/25 December coup attempt and finally 15 July Military coup attempt.

Ninth way followed while operating covert actions is assassinations:

FETO committed a vast number of unidentified murders in Turkey, and with these murders, Turkey witnessed serious attacks in recent history.


Head of Gulenist Terror Group Fethullah Gülen has been trained by the USA, and his organization is an intelligence structure designed and used in ”Covert Actions”operations. Only experts who have strategical and analytical intelligence can pass along FETO structure to public opinion properly. It is obvious that written and visual media is weak in this matter. Media cannot answer why USA protects FETO and its leader Gülen and this media is again full of crypto FETO militants who use perception operations and unconventional warfare techniques in social engineering stage of this ongoing process. Instead of the names who can follow and read this process properly with a strategical and analytical intelligence, there are plenty of ”intelligence agents”, ”journalists”, ”authors” and ”former FETO militants” who blather in the newspapers and on the screens in the social engineering stage of this process.

What we technically try to clarify above is that there is a structure that USA has designed to use in its undisclosed ”covert actions”, invested in human resources with intelligence education and to which the USA transferred billions of dollars each month. This structure is CIA in Turkey, and the ones who are related to this structure are trained agents of CIA.

There is only one reason why the USA is targeting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The President has unveiled Head of Gulenist Terror Group Fethullah Gulen and his terror organization which was 100 years long project of the USA. The USA invested in this organization and Fethullah Gulen to operate covert actions in Turkey and other countries.

Struggle with FETO is a war of independence. It is a back-mutation project of the government. It is an independence war. Very few people can pass this independence war test holding head high except for the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The government notes down the bureaucrats, politicians and related/coherent/crypto names who talk but are not in action and call them to account at the right time. And we should note that the politicians, bureaucrats, technocrats and the names serve at any rank in the government are ephemerals but the state itself is everlasting.