Turkey releases high school entry exam results


Turkey on Monday announced the result of high school entrance exams taken by some 1.3 million students earlier this month.

In a new data-crunching move this year, the National Education Ministry also examined and analyzed the average performance of students who took the June 1 high school entrance exam (LGS).

This year a total of 565 students answered all questions correctly in both sessions of the exam, up sharply from last year, when 18 students did the same.

According to the report, students did better on the math and science tests this year compared to 2018.

Also, girls gave more correct answers than boys in all tests, excepting mathematics.

The exam has two sessions. In the first, students answer questions on Turkish history and the principles of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Turkey’s founder, as well as religion and morality, and a foreign language. The second session concerns math and science.

The tests give students 155 minutes to answer 90 multiple-choice questions in all the areas.

In Turkey, any student who successfully completes eight years of basic education can go onto high school by taking the LGS test.

Source: AA