Turkey buys Afrin olive oil in world prices: Official


Head of the Afrin Chamber of Industry and Trade Nassir Hussu has dismissed claims that Afrin’s olive oil “was stolen” while en route from Turkey to international markets.

“We totally reject these claims,” Hussu told Anadolu Agency on Tuesday on the sidelines of a panel held in the Turkish capital Ankara one year after the region’s liberation from terrorist groups.

Western media outlets claimed earlier this month that the olive oil coming from Afrin was subject to “theft” in Turkey.

“We have one and only crossing with Turkey as we have no crossings with the Syrian regime,” he said.

“We sold our olive oil to the Turkish traders in world prices, mostly, the Spain-based price,” Hussu said.

He also affirmed that the Afrin-based traders managed this year to export the olive crops thanks to the improving security situation in the area.

“We call on the traders world-wide to invest in Afrin and buy its high-quality olive oil,” he added.

In January of last year, Turkey launched a major military operation — Operation Olive Branch — with the stated aim of purging Afrin of YPG/PKK terrorist elements.

On March 18 of last year, the 58th day of the operation, Afrin was liberated by Turkish troops backed by FSA fighters.

Source: AA