Turkey breaks the game before being played

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Let’s start analyzing current situations reading recent history. First, Arab Spring emerged. Remember that dictators would leave the Arab countries and the people of these countries, from Tunisia to Egypt, would take a deep breath. But suddenly some had the countries forgotten, and a great civilization like Egypt was resigned to a dictator. Spring turned into winter, all the dynamics of the region was upside down, and the mobility of the resident reflections was suppressed.

Before designing the new Middle East, the geography was restricted to act towards this new design. The aim of the Gezi Protests started in May 2013, is to paralyze another power, Turkey, able to stand the planned design. First Gezi Protests and then 17-25 December and ongoing process till today…

How would it be possible? The Middle East would be re-shared, a dependent controlled colonial state would be established (probably in Northern Iraq or Syria), some would colonize the region with caution and Turkey would be a country that would always be forgotten about and obliged to protect itself, not much.

It didn’t happen; they couldn’t do it. If Turkey had bent, a great geography would have bent too.

Please read the current picture carefully. There is a totally different plot line, and all these happenings must be considered beyond politics. The whole country realized this great fight more clearly. Even if it seems that there is a fight in the political front, the President carries out a gentle and dynamic diplomacy. This diplomacy protects not only the rights of our country but also the rights of the region. An active visionary diplomacy that does what is necessary and holds the agenda.

Those who complain about the current foreign policy of Turkey should understand that this is not a choice, but a necessity. Turkey endured the ones who tried to paralyze it for a very long time, even the ones who embraced the enemies –from terrorists to coup plotters- with open arms. Turkey kept in touch with them and warned them in the framework of diplomacy. But it is not bearable anymore, to tolerate more than this would be going down in defeat.

What will happen next? We will keep fighting, and it won’t be easy. While all the cards are reshuffled, the priority of some parties will still be eliminating Turkey. In the way, they followed they have chosen to consume the whole energy of the country and they have never changed their tactics until 2013. When the referendum process gets nearer, it is expected that the enemies of the country will make more violent attacks. And again, they will touch the nerves of the country.

The most important risk is instigations. It is crucially important for AKP (Justice and Development Party) to keep unity and solidarity while entering the process of referendum. In the recent days, non-national networks are broadcasting as if there is a conflict between the government and the party. Their aim is to distort the facts, demoralize the people and open an appropriate space to act.

People’s bunching up around the national will, turning a new page with the referendum and redesign of the bureaucracy will be crucial points of this process. Signs became so apparent that external and internal attacks have started to emerge.

In the new period, the state, the bureaucracy, the policy, and the party will be re-shaped. The power of the country will get stronger and make a tremendous impact.

We should stay calm, get prepared for a new era and be ready mentally and psychologically for a long-term struggle. The winner will be the nation. We don’t have a long way to go.


Footnote: History is the memory of the states; intelligence is the mind of them. Playing with the state’s mind is impossible. Networks who try to play with the state’s mind and weaken the state’s mind and memory, who cooperate with FETO, convicted from FETO and have an emotional relation with FETO and try to create trouble between the Prime Minister and The President (commander-in-chief) for their own greed should know that if the memory is momentary record, the mind works very well. We wanted to note down.