Trilateral Peace Summit between Iran, Russia and Turkey

On Monday, the Foreign Ministry of Iran labelled a forthcoming trilateral summit between Turkey, Russia and Iran on Syria as “step to peace, stability and security” in the war-torn country. 

The summit is planned to be held on September 7 in Tehran at the level of foreign ministers and heads of state as a follow up to the Astana meeting held in middle of March in Kazakhstan. 

Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said that “It is not logical to imagine that the prolonged crisis in Syria would be resolved with a meeting, but we believe that the only possible way to this situation is the political solution,” in his weekly press conference. 

The trilateral summit is also hoped for addressing the situation in the north-western Idlib district, which is alongside Turkish border. 

The leaders of the three countries, Hassan Rouhani, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin met in Ankara in April to converse about ways of solving the 7 years’ conflict in Syria. 

The three arbitrator countries are seen to be as guarantors of an intended cease-fire in Syria and have been attempting to push peace talks since 2016 to solve the Syrian conflict. 

Ghasemi said Iranian military advisers will stay behind in Syria at the appeal for the Syrian government to maintain what he reported as conflict “terrorism”. 

Bashar al Assad regime’s strong allies are Shia group Hezbollah and Iran, whose forces have been fighting to opposite groups since 2011 in a destructive civil war. From that time, millions more displaced and hundreds of thousands of people are believed to have been killed by the war. 

Jovini, Mehdi Ansari, Syria tripartite summit ‘step to peace’: Iran