Analysis News: On The origins of psychiatric problems of FETÖ members


ANKARA – Among the intense discussion and analysis of social and political events, sometimes issues of individual aspects can be overlooked. However, it is critical to analyze the recruit and transformation processes of the individuals into and within the structure, in the fight against PDY/PÖ and FETÖ The Fethullah Terrorist Organization, which cause trouble to The world and The country today.

Let’s start with the findings of the general profiles of FETÖ members. First of all, these determinations contain the main criteria which are formed as a result of a general evaluation and observation.

What is a FETÖ member, how does it show a personality profile?

1. The prerequisite for being a FETÖ member is lack of personality and contusion. The FETÖ structure chooses explicitly such people, and by processing these aspects, it makes them FETÖ militants. Hence, the class discussions and the thought of ‘Fetullahist’ persons in the society until December 17-25 were, ”losers, cowards, constantly hidden under the name of measure, keeping on the right side of someone and get in good with somebody, cowardly even with the slightest friction with all kinds of authority”. Still, a significant part of them is of this profile.

2. One of the most significant problems of FETÖ members is self-confidence. As a reflection of their personality weaknesses, they lack in their confidence and therefore always feel comfortable in the FETÖ structure. The organization of FETÖ has always kept the distinction between  ‘We and them’ and cared to keep its members in isolation especially concerning Islamic structures.

3. In this structure that resembles a cell organization, analytical thinking is eliminated as a result of sharing the same information with multiple confirmations, and even in simple matters, mental power of FETÖ members decrease. For this reason, they employed many methods, despite the risks, from stealing examination questions to favor ‘their men’ in State institutions entirely, and to the elimination of rival names by unlawful and immoral methods. Because real employee profiles are not suitable for success in social life or business life. There is no reasonable human profile.

4. One of the essential qualifications of FETÖ members is that they are far from basic religious concepts. Fethullahists are profoundly ignorant in Islamic issues. None of the Qur’an, hadith and other fundamental sources exist in their lives. The FETO-head has no Arabic knowledge, even as an average imam student. Since Islamic knowledge and concepts are not included in their lives, it has been easy to convince a different religion.

5. Lack of personality of FETÖ members caused metamorphosis and aggressive behavior after the 17-25 December period. But when looked at carefully, it is seen that this aggression hit the peak on social media, and in daily life, many FETÖ members are now seethingly frightened by the disclosure of their belonging. As a result, these types that have been intimidated and made insensitive for decades cannot be expected to change. Hence, in The Zaman newspaper protests, a woman without hijab was brought forward while themselves were waiting in their homes, reveal the real profile of this structure.

These states of the Fethullahists mainly point to psychological and psychiatric problems. It is clear that the Head of the organization cannot be considered as a reasonable person. There is no one better than him in play-acting, but on the other hand, he can go insane at any moment. He is a professional liar, who lives a life between dream and hallucination.

Interestingly, it is observed that persons with psychiatric problems and severe illnesses in history were able to establish such organizations from time to time. In an analysis, we tried to analyze FETÖ through The Messianic and Mahdist revolts in Anatolia. Similar examples are also manifested in the West as different groups.

An essential feature of the structures such as FETO, which forms the basis of psychiatric deviations, is ”Mirroring”. In simple terms, presenting oneself as if this existed outside and trying to avoid even their own self-consciousness.

FETÖ is a perfect example of this. How?

FETÖ is one of the most illegal structures; it accuses its enemies of acting unlawfully.

FETÖ is a rare theft network. They steal money, goods, examination questions, and even persons lives and reputation, but then accuse others of cheating.

FETÖ is an entirely non-Islamic and different structure. A mentally ill, fake prophet is the head of FETÖ, and he claims that he met Allah. He leads people to believe that he could turn the helal to haram, and haram to helal. But then FETÖ accuse others of being unreligious.

The aim of FETÖ, since its establishment, has been to betray this country. It first made relations with the traitors that were inside, and then with the Upper Mind in the chain of command. But then FETÖ accuses, the most national and local movement that this country has ever seen.

The list is long. But in conclusion, the issue is not only to analyze the management group and visible moves of FETÖ, but also the base. It is essential to take measures appropriate to this issue, eliminate the conditions that produce this structure and prevent the emergence of new betrayal structures like FETÖ.

It is beneficial to keep this information in mind by those who are in contact with FETÖ members, in the public sector, the private sector and in every field of life. It is both important to keep in mind that each of the members of FETÖ, have psychiatric and religious deviations, and to adopt an attitude toward them, without giving them the chance to harm the environment.

A fake prophet, a management team, and organization fully supported by Upper mind and betrayal networks and a group having been persuaded for years… The end is thrashing and meaningless. They will be even worse. But it should not be forgotten that everyone has own duties. It should be remembered that foreign intelligence units have designed the deviant orders in this structure, for covert operations.

Humankind and people will surely get rid of this trouble and deviant. A false prophet will again take place in the dump of history.