Jordan-Gül-Davutoğlu And NATO Extensions of the Economic Operation!



It is essential to understand the strategic and cyclical steps of PDY/PÖ and/or the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) to be able to get this serious affliction off the country in the most efficient way and at the soonest time possible. For this reason, truthfully analyzing the recent strategies and milestones of FETÖ/PDY’s action plans, especially starting from the Gezi demonstrations in 2013 is crucial.

FETÖ/PDY, as being the biggest sub-contractor of coup attempts, which are uninterruptedly executed one after another, is getting ready to choose the path of increasing disorder inside the country by using every means possible and discrediting Turkey abroad. Beginning from the deadly July 15 failed coup and during the ongoing process, while playing the victim before the world public opinion and waiting for the opportunities to create disorder especially in the western front, FETÖ was/is planning to overthrow the government by causing an economic crisis behind closed doors.

Following the period of deadly July 15 failed coup, FETÖ has changed its style and its manner of discourse. Its new religion has become hatred towards higher authorities in every way possible and being ready to burn the whole world down to protect the interests of its members. Therefore, coordinated attacks and propagandas have taken the place of failed coup attempts. The terrorist group’s new plan of attack is focused on the emotional relationships between the deep state (FETÖ-NATO-England) and the consultants closer to higher authorities in the areas of state banks, Treasury, BRSA and/or economy, former politicians, representatives, ministers, and bureaucrats.

Before starting my analysis, let’s quickly look at these relationships with the concrete examples mentioned in our previous analyses: It has been revealed that Osman Çelik, Undersecretary of Treasury, and BRSA Executive Mehmet Ali Akben were partners with the economy imam of FETÖ. (See: Again, along with the same line, rescue operations executed on the day of coup attempt for Bank Asya by the authorities behind the organizations that are influential in the area of economy intelligence, who were informed in advance of deadly July 15 FETÖ coup attempt. (See: Including the state banks, many other examples can be given. The main issue is finding those who pulled the higher authority, namely The President Erdoğan into this operation by creating an economic crisis and/or finding the role of financial consultants and/or their inner circle that misguided the higher authority.

Now, let’s uncover the most important extensions of the economic operation: England & the team of Abdullah Gül and Davutoğlu and the extensions of this team in the economics.

Abdullah Gül, former president of Turkish Republic, has visited Jordan a week ago. Abdullah Gül had a private, closed-door meeting with the king of Jordan after the conference. Content and the subject matter of the meeting is another story. Meanwhile, there is an interesting detail that attracts our attention here, which is the fact that the king of Jordan has met privately with a surprise guest one week before meeting the Former President Abdullah Gül. The name of this guest is Tony Blair. 

But, why Jordan? Let’s clarify that as well: Jordan is the safest area in the Middle East. Israel has been protected through Jordan. It is an operation channel for England. One week ago, Tony Blair and later on Abdullah Gül visited this country. It is not that hard to analyze the outcome of these meetings: It is a start from English School for an operation targeting the higher authority by planning a strike on the economy. After returning Turkey from the meeting in Jordan, Gül has started this by openly criticizing Erdoğan before the public opinion.

Conclusion: A project of ending the higher authority through striking a major blow to the economics designed by the NATO-related economic advisor team of the higher authority, high-ranking bureaucrats filed from FETÖ in the economics, Former President Ahmet Davutoğlu, Former President Abdullah Gül, The English School of these names in the economics and NATO-related deep structures.

We have been examining the forthcoming coup plan and the gap in the area of economics for almost a year now. Deep structures related to England and NATO and their consultant team has been bringing the project of finishing Erdoğan into action step by step by collaborating the bureaucrats in the economics filed from FETÖ.

It should not be forgotten that in this country, all the political leaders and parties has come and gone with the plans of damaging the country’s economy.

This plan will be operated even more intensely if the names related to deep structures of NATO and the bureaucrats behind the most important organizations in the area of economic intelligence and within few months a lot will change in Turkey. Erdoğan, President of The Turkish Republic and Turkish government under the presidency of Binali Yıldırım are targeted.


FOOTNOTE: A report prepared by SETA concerning the restructuring of the TSK (Turkish Armed Forces) has been conducted to MSB (Ministry of Defense). Predictions of the Non-Governmental Organization regarding the restructuring of the TSK can be taken into consideration. However, the theories of these strategists who have prepared the relevant report and who have never been even in front of the barracks, have no chance to be executed in practical terms. The plans that are irrelevant to reality are just a waste. Why don’t we look at the plans projections for the post-2020 era that has been studied on by TSK for many years? Hasn’t the MSB Secretary informed about the plans of reorganizing the Land, Air and Naval Forces that has been executed with the resources and capabilities of TSK? Why are these plans not putting into practice by getting information from the Commander of the Turkish Armed Forces and director of the operations? It should be forgotten that if these plans would be brought into force in that period, FETÖ could be prevented and that is the main reason those previous plans were disregarded. This also should be noted.