Moroccans to protest pro-Israel singer’s concert


Moroccan activist are planning a protest on Thursday against a concert by pro-Israel singer in the North African country.

Enrico Macias, a French singer of Algerian Jewish decent, is scheduled to hold a concert in Casablanca on February 14.

In a Facebook post, the Moroccan National Working Group for Palestine NGO said it will organize a demonstration against Macias’ concert.

All Moroccan people “say no to normalization with the Zionists, no to a concert that praises and supports crimes committed against the Palestinian people,” the statement said, in reference to Israel.

Also, in a previous statement, the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, another NGO, said Macias “likes to present himself as an artist of peace, but in fact he is a defender of the Israeli army and occupation of Palestine.”

The Moroccan government has repeatedly stressed that Rabat has no formal relations of any kind with Israel.

With the exception of Jordan and Egypt, which have signed peace agreements with Israel, no Arab state has official relations with Tel Aviv.

Source: AA