FETO (Gülenist Terror Group) spies in the Turkish economy and their economic operations!

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One of the most dangerous threats to a country is an economic coup and spying activities. We have mentioned how USA makes use of FETO/PDY structure in our previous analysis (please see https://www.analizhatti.com/abd-feto-iliskisi-somut-orneklerle-abdnin-turkiyeye-cumhurbaskani-erdogana-covert-actions-operasyonlari/). With this analysis, we will try to show the attempts of striking a blow to the Turkish economy, spying activities and their betrayal on the scale of intelligence techniques.

Before concrete examples, let us make a technical analysis of the economic intelligence: components of the economic intelligence term are economic espionage, industrial espionage, and competitive or business intelligence. Economic intelligence has a traditional function among general intelligence activities. First of all economy policies need economic intelligence, secondly following technological improvements is an important issue for the national security and finally, some threats against national economies require effective counterintelligence precautions.

CIA who uses ”Covert Actions” with FETO/PDY operations especially attaches particular importance to economic intelligence in Turkey. In this respect the term of economic intelligence, in ”A Consumer’s Guide to Intelligence” by Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Publications is defined as follows: “Economic intelligence is a type of intelligence which consists production of goods, services, labor, finance, taxation, marketing, commerce and the other factors which are amongst the international economic system tools and aims to determine loan capitals, activities, and policies.”

Economic intelligence plays an important role supporting economic security for countries. S. Porteous who approaches to economic intelligence in a different way defines the term as follows: “Economic intelligence is the policy includes information about technical, financial, registrational, governmental and commercial data or a range of gain of the organization which gathers commercial data and enables to preserve proportional productivity and competitional position of its country implicitly or explicitly.”

Gathering economic data is a legal and open process, nevertheless, it is thought as an illegal activity involving deception and pressure in secret ways. Economic intelligence is mostly about the national security and the subject influencing the benefits.

Economic espionage mostly needs microeconomic data while economic intelligence deals with macroeconomic data and economic analysis. While most of the economic intelligence agencies of the countries do not deal with the industrial intelligence, some countries use economic espionage effectively.

Economic espionage is a set of activities which aim to provide economic intelligence using secret, forcing and deceptive methods by a foreign state or its representatives. Economic intelligence deals not only with the financial or operational, economic data, but also with new technologies, productions, engineering processes, and materials. To Randall Fort ”Economic espionage is the information about economy, finance, commerce and registration provided by an intelligence agency using intelligence sources and methods secretly.”

In 1995, during the negotiation of luxury vehicle production, CIA received the talks between Japanese executives and their top officials and transmitted this information to American Commercial Representative, Japan claimed. By this means in high-level negotiations, the thoughts and price offer of the Japan side were known. This case can be given as a typical example of espionage activities. The information provided secretly was not a direct help for American General Motors, on the contrary, it is exploitive to Americans. The main difference between economic espionage and industrial espionage is to look after national benefit instead of company benefits.

Industrial espionage shares similarity with economic espionage, but industrial espionage is done by the private sector for their gains. Industrial espionage is a set of activities to provide economic intelligence using illegal, secret, forcing and deceptive methods by the private sector or its representatives. The companies at any competitional level feel they need to do industrial espionage.The espionage activities done by the international companies with the support of their states are very dangerous because other states or international companies might get the data about technological improvements directly related to the national security on military, nuclear or any other field.

Competitive intelligence or business intelligence is similar to the economic intelligence but different than the other types. The representatives of the competitive intelligence claim that they provide economic intelligence only using legal methods. Examining published information sources, interviewing and the other legal and ethical methods are among the methods that competitive intelligence use. We can define competitive intelligence as a systematical program which aims to gather information about the activities and overall economic tendencies of the rival companies and analyze them for a company which aims to fulfill the objectives.

The importance of the competitive intelligence arises from the need of more info for the large scale companies of the world. The companies like Motorola, GMC, Xerox, IBM and Windows use competitive intelligence. 51 of the 100 largest economies comprise of the private sector while 49 of 100 are state sector. Today, Wall-Mart is bigger than Poland or Greece; Mitsubishi is bigger than Indonesia, and General Motors is bigger than Denmark. In this case, it is inevitable for these companies to use competitive intelligence. For example, General Motors’ budget for competitive intelligence is bigger than France Foreign Intelligence budget.

As a result economic intelligence comprises of two forms: state and nonstate. They are named differently according to their methods and goals. As well as legal processes illegal or covert actions can be carried out, and there are some connections among the economic intelligence types. State intelligence agencies play an important role to develop the economic intelligence forms and organize the cooperation among them.

Let’s clarify FETO/PDY’s economic intelligence operations:

In 1995, James Woolsey, Head of the Central Intelligence Agency, said “We face more economic intelligence demand on economic improvements today.” and they meet this need with the organizations used in covert actions like FETO/PDY.

In this respect, following operations have been carried out by the USA via FETO/PDY’s crypto filed militants infiltrated to Central Bank, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK), Undersecretariat of Treasury, the Ministry of Finance and subunits:


  • The militants gathered/gather information about how Turkey makes economic decisions and what are the commercial goals of Turkey.
  • They analyzed the commercial models of Turkey and investigated/investigate the opportunities defend the benefits of the USA.
  • They observed/observe the commercial relations conducted by the companies in Turkey or Turkey itself.
  • They provided/provide intelligence about Turkey’s economic strategies to the negotiants who attend international economic negotiations.
  • They checked/check whether Turkey fulfilled the obligations of the economic agreements that Turkey promised.
  • They observed/observe the technological improvements in Turkey.
  • They observed/observe the economic sanctions in Turkey.
  • They reached/reach the data of the products that Turkey exports.
  • They followed Turkey’s expense items that Turkey gives priority like military spendings of Turkish Armed Forces(TSK) or international arms transfers.
  • They followed illegal cash flows resulting from drug trafficking, terrorism and other crime syndicates and the companies’ black money traffic.

Ten subjects listed above are just concrete examples. State banks, Central Securities Depository (MKK), banking data and individual data can be given as other examples.

As a result, it is obvious that FETO/PDY still exist in the economic intelligence field and they carry out their operations with crypto field militants inflicted to economic institutions. In this respect, the Head of Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency and his Vice Chairman’s being on their duty -that we deciphered before in our analysis- can be an example (pls see:https://www.analizhatti.com/fetonun-uyuyan-hucreleri-iki-somut-ornek-emniyet-ekonomi/). FETO operations in Undersecreteriat of the Treasury (please see: https://www.analizhatti.com/hazine-mustesarliginda-neler-oluyor/) can be given as the second example. In the direction of this data, whoever he/she is, who has a connection with FETO/PDY or their extension ”YENİ AĞ” (New Web) must be suspended. Turkey’s economy must be reconstructed by national bureaucrats, or these institutions must be shut down or reconstructed regarding national security. Otherwise, new international economic operations will be on their way to threat Turkey’s economy.