Annual Inflation Rate in Turkey Stands at 17.9 Percent in August

On Monday the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat) make known Turkey’s annual inflation rate in August was 17.9 percent.

In July Turkey’s annual inflation rate was 15.85 percent. 

The highest annual increase was realized in the transportation group with 27.13 percent and in furnishing and household equipment at 23.76 percent.

In August, the index of the main expenditure groups in August 4.56 percent in household goods, transportation, 4.45 percent, housing 3.85 percent and communications increased was realized. 

The only group showing a monthly decline was clothing and footwear with 1.59 percent.

TurkStat said that “In August 2018, the average price of the 407 items in the index, while the average prices of the 44 items remained unchanged, the average prices of 304 items increased and the average prices of 59 items decreased.”

Gurtas, Muhammed Ali, ‘Turkey’s annual inflation at 17.90 pct in August’,